Tiesto feat. Aqualung – UR

Wish I was a better man
Wish I had a better plan for dealing
With this
What am I to do now?

Maybe I should run away
Maybe I should ran away and never be
What am I to do?
The way that I’m feeling
The dreams that I’m, dreaming
Can this really be happening?
Can this really be true?

My love and my life
My hear and my soul
just trying to keep the world from
Smashing, crashing in

I had this dream the other night
I had this crazy dream the other night
How have I arrived here

My heart is elated but
My head is exhausted
This is powerful magic
Can this really be true

My blood is in your blood
My breath is to you mouth
Just trying to keep the world
From smashing, crashing in

But what about us?
What about all the plans that
We made? What about all
These careful plans we
Made? Ah, but nothing’s clear
Full of fear, full of hope
Full of UR

Am I dreaming?
Are you dreaming?
Can I be dreaming still?